I always wondered. #essentialtools @taylorguitars  (at Folkway Music) HD
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I believe there is great emotional power in the pictures from the edges of a #summercamp day: sunrises and  sunsets (and campfires!) ##essentialtools #CampPros HD
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I now travel to camps w. the A3 camp_specific problem solving tool that @campcoast2coast and I put together. #kaizen #lean #thejohnnyappleseedoflean  (at Camp Alice Chester) HD
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Best #Adventureprogram game EVAR? #RAPTOR #SamSikes #CampPros  (at CampHacker, World Headquarters) HD
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The VOYT# (value of your time #) is critical for #summercamp #CampPros [and entrepreneurs]. Makes for easier decisions. Salary/(52wks-Vacation)/40 hrs/wk=VOYT# #essentialtools  (at CampHacker) HD
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Jess & Matt’s Engagement - Country Wedding Photographer

A Fun Engagement Session on the Farm

It was a hot day but, man, it was fun!   As many of you know, I’m proud of growing up on a farm and all the great lessons that taught me (yes, as a photographer but also a camp consultant).

Jess and Matt are county through and through and that passion meant that we had an awesome afternoon our on her parent’s farm east of Woodstock.  We got to shoot in barns, in classic cars, on Matt’s motorcycle - I was truly in my happy place!

The great thing was that these two have an obvious love for each other and no matter what my ideas were, that love shone through.

Laura & Brenden: Camp Kintail Wedding

Goderich Ontario Wedding Photographer

What a joy it was to be back at Camp Kintail (a spot I highly recommend to have a wedding!) to shoot two amazing former staff.

Laura and Brenden didn’t miss a detail.   It was a beautiful, cool spring day and they had thought of everything to make their guests comfortable.

I love the chapel at Kintail - it’s a magical spot for a magical moment in a couple’s life. You get to hear the waves on the shore, feel the sunlight and smell the cedar trees - truly, they picked a spot for all the senses. 

Thank you both for the honour of photographing your wedding!  Beth and I wish you all the best.

Designing #campcounsellor tools for @topaz. #camppros #CampCode  (at CampHacker) HD
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